The grove is rooted deeply in mythology and nature, believing the spirits will teach and guide us towards our destiny.
The grove does not Organise public Gorsedds at this time ,however we do have a work/study group, and an action program that can be participated by non members or fellow pagans. We do emphasise the importance of "acting on behalf of our believes " instead of talking to much about it. (Planting a tree is a beautiful ritual ,and a highly effective one to).

Declaration of establishment and foundations of the
“People of enchantment grove Amsterdam”

  • We honour and serve the Goddess and God, and all other Goddesses and Gods that are related to her.

  • We honour the spirits of our ancestors.

  • We wish to share their cultural knowledge, wisdom and inspiration, and manifest it in the world.

  • We wish to develop our spiritual potential by means of truthfulness and reflection.

  • We wish to exalt in skill and craftsmanship, improve our self,s.

  • We promote peace and harmony between people, races, religions, political movements, countrys and so on.

  • We conduct ritual, support the fertility and well-being of the earth at al levels, based on the solar wheel and lunar tides.

  • We celebrate existence.

  • We declare All life forms holy and sacred.

The fire of the grove has been ritually ignited at “Imbolc“ 2008
May the Goddess be our guide and witness

Blessed be!

solstice at Stonehenge (20/21-06-2009)

"Avalon tree planting day" at Ruigoord. (14-2-2010)

The Roekieman, has been touched by the goddess at Avebury. and initiated as a bard in 1998 ,as a ovate in 2002 at avebury,u.k. Raised by Arthur uter Pendragon as Druid ,Knight of the Loyal Arthurean war Band,

"Stonehenge 20 September2011,"

"Raised by Arthur"

lets walk the druid path together!!!

Membership requires the planting of minimal one tree!!

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